Issue #1 – PDF


Issue #1 is available as a PDF that you can project in the classroom. It is also available as a printed zine (mini-magazine), so participants can hold it and interact with the images at an intimate scale (see photo below). The backstories are not printed in the zine, but can be included separately, printed on several sheets of paper, or as a separate PDF.


Themes in issue #1 include: homelessness, recycling, McDonald’s, corporate commercialism, scrapping, Cambodia, Islam, Black Panthers, the Koran, painting art, Judaism, trans-racial adoption, the process of photographing, photographic composition, magazine beauty, immigration, differing cultural viewpoints within the same family, the language of hair, Eritrean and Ethiopian braiding, evolving cultural identities, blackness, connecting with your birth mom, gardening, Independence Day, Islamophobia, Somali culture, hijab and star-spangled clothing